Wild Air is a restaurant with a forest view in Ubud you can visit to complete your trip. Ubud well known for its natural persevering nature. Ubud has a forest with a lush greenery view. This has to be a perfect combination for a perfect vacation.

Wild Air Restaurant Ubud located in Jalan Bisma no. 888x Ubud and near Monkey Forest. This restaurant surrounded by unspoiled nature with a breathtaking view of the green valley. This restaurant offers Asian and western menus with signature beverages made with passion by our professional chef.

The Asian Menu ranging in Wild Air Restaurant ranges from Ayam Bakar Plecing which a Grilled chicken leg with classic chef sauce served with steamed rice and morning glory. There also Pork Belly Cabai Garam, which a Chili salt Pork belly topped with our amazing onzen egg. Another Asian delight you can try Gindara Yellow Curry, this a Pan-seared Gindara fish served with Vegetables, shimeji mushroom, gindara skin crackers, tobiko, yellow soy curry, green oil and steamed rice on the side. This Asian fusion is one of several delectable menus you can try at Wil Air Restaurant that you should not miss.

More about this restaurant, a live dessert show from Wild Air will entertain you as you wait for your food or eat it. This event is a demonstration of how chefs create delicious and appealing desserts. Aside from that, Night Live Entertainment offers a variety of event series. Night Live Entertainment held daily from Monday to Sunday, with various events. A series of events begins with Authentic Bamboo Rhythm, Balinese Culture Show, Fire Dance, and Flute Instrument.

Available co-working space with a convenient seating area along with a view that refresh your mind. Also, you may enjoy and relax at Swimming Pool onsite at the restaurant. Open daily from Monday to Sunday starting from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm, Wild Air Restaurant a very welcomes you to enjoy delicious food with a breathtaking view outside.

Come to Wild Air Restaurant to relish the delectable food with a lush greeny view,